Dilili in Paris


Dilili in Paris

Written & directed by Michel Ocelot

Produced by Nord-Ouest Films, Studio O, & Mars Films


In Belle Epoque Paris, little Kanak Dilili gets caught up in a mystery plot that will take her through the upper reaches and lower depths of Paris.  She’s accompanied in her quest by an earnest delivery boy, Orel, who seems to personally know every major figure from the perios, ranging from Marie Curie to Toulouse-Lautrec, and introduces his little detective pal to a host of thinkers and creators who have since become household names.

Taking his lyrical and pedagogical brand of animation all the way back to his homeland, writer-director Michel Ocelot offers up a meaningful journey through French cultural history composed of his own reworked photographs of real Parisan places.

Special Note: This screening is by invite only.  If you would like to attend this screening and have not received an invitation please email director@ctiaf.com

Date:  Thursday, 7 March  2019

Time: 20h00

Place:   Labia Theatre

Format:  French with English subtitles

Age: 6 years and older

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