Matt Kearney

Matt Kearney

Matt is the CG Supervisor at Cinegestix

He has been creating digital imagery since 1994, starting out as assistant art director for a publishing house.

By 1997, he was working full-time in 3d, using Maya 1.0 on a Silicon Graphics Indigo 2 back in Durban, South Africa, and has been fully immersed in CGI since then.

In 1999 he joined Tequila Digital as Digital Director, and was responsible for running the newly formed digital division, bringing CGI to the agency and it’s sister company, TBWA Durban.

In 2005 he joined Masters & Savant Worldwide, creating visual fx, motion design and animation for a wide variety of clients, including the SABC, Multichoice, BMW and more.

In 2009 he joined BlackGinger in Cape Town, creating visual FX in Houdini, for commercials and movies, working on titles such as The Avengers, Resident Evil 6, The Jungle Book, The Odyssey. Halo : Forward unto Dawn, Blended, Tangshan, Free Willy 4 and more.

In July 2017 Matt joined Cinegestix as CG supervisor and has been involved in projects such as Interac Bear, Samson, and the DSTV christmas spot.

Matt has been using Houdini since version 4 and in production since 2009. He is an FX generalist with experience in particle fx, dynamics/destruction, fluid fx, volumetric/pyro fx, and has extensive experience in lighting / shading & rendering with Mantra.

He creates tools in Houdini using Houdini’s Digital Asset workflow and has some experience in using Python to enhance the existing toolset as well as create workflow/helper tools.

He has extensive experience using the Rush render manager and F-Track and Shotgun task & asset management and tracking software.


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