Simon Hansen

Simon Hansen

Simon Hansen has been working in the Film and entertainment industry since 1992. He is best known for producing Alive in Joburg, the film on which District 9 is based.

Hansen discovered and mentored long-time collaborators and friends Sharlto Copley and Neill Blomkamp. Hansen mentored many animators and film makers in the South African and African Film Industry. Hansen was partnered with Copley in business for well over a decade. They supplied ETV with a show called Deadtime which ran during the ‘dead time’ of midnight to 6am.

As a writer, producer and director, he has worked to build a film industry in South Africa that can compete in the international arena. Hansen owns a Visual Effects company called Inspired Minority VFX and a production company called Inspired Minority Pictures, which is now his vehicle for creating, what he calls, ‘commercial Independent’ films.

In 2005 Simon and Sharlto produced a short film directed by Neill Blomkamp entitled Alive in Joburg. The film features a documentary style account of aliens living in South African townships and is the basis for the 2009 summer movie District 9 which starred Copley. Hansen also directed some second unit in District 9.

Currently Simon is the executive VFX producer at Inspired Minority, ensuring work is delivered at the quality and schedule the client expects.