What's Screening?

Troll Girl CTIAF Screening

Troll Girl CTIAF Screening | 1 & 2 Oct 2021 - 19:00 | Go Drive In

A trollish child, raise by a nun in a human village, defies her own insecurities and the villagers' fears to save her mother from danger.

Le Petit Vampire

CTIAF Screening 1| 1 Oct 2021 - 19:00 | Go Drive In

French Film with English Subtitles.

Little Vampire lives in a haunted house with a merry group of monsters, but he is bored stiff! One night, he secretly sneaks out of the manor along with his trusted bulldog, Phantomato, on a quest to find some new friends.

The Bears Famous Invasion of Sicily

CTIAF Screening 2 | 2 Oct 2021 - 19:00 | Go Drive In

To find his long lost son and food to survive the winter, the great bear king leads his clan down from the mountains and into the world of men. After escaping terrible monsters and defeating an evil duke, the bears and men live together in peace – for a time.

Best of CTIAF Screening

1 October 21 | 12h15 - 13h00 | Table Mountain Presentation Room

Mr. Purple

This short Egyptian animated film directed by Osama Abu Zaidhe, explores the concept of freedom of choice, and emphasizes the need for diversity and its impact on our lives.The story is about the way authorities try to intimidate Mr.Purple and force him to conform to the standards they have decreed.



Director: Osama Abu Zaidhe

Producer: Ahmed Abdel Rahim

Music: Hany Shenouda

My Better World

Created by Fundi Films and Impact(Ed) International, with animations by Maan Creative, this is an episode taken from a new animated series that follows the exciting adventures of six African teens, as they navigate the complex challenges of school, family and friendship.



Directors: Chris Morgan, Michael Clark and Johan Scheepers

Producers: Fundi Films


Rocket Boys

A graduation film produced by a group students at The Animation School, Rocket Boys is vivid tearjerker about two brothers on a journey across a desolate earth to find passage on a rocket ship to the stars.



Artists: Karien Benz, Claire Murphy, Justin Pedersen, Liam Barnwell, Zubair Ismail, Makushla Holmes


Sound: Aret Lambrechts

Music: Ben Ludik


Produced by graduating students at The Animation School, this short is about an energetic puppy who makes some coffee for his lazy kitten friend in order to play with her. The caffeine kicks in and they both begin to play, but as the days go on things spiral out of control…


Artists: Alexander Dewar, Christopher Masuabi, Moegamad Adams, Stefan van der Sandt, Thabang Chuene, Mahendrie Govender, Carike Cronje

Sound Design:  Carla van der Westhuizen

Original Soundtrack by Arthur Feder

Music Producer: Antoni Schonken

Bru & Boegie

Created by Mike Scott, Bru & Boegie is a series of episodes about two best friends in underpants who live in South Africa and get up to nonsense. In this episode, Bru decides they need to make some bucks by playing a gig, but Boegie doesn’t know how to play the bass. Comical hijinks ensue.



Creator: Mike Scott

Music & sound: David Scott


Created by Mike Scott and produced at Triggerfish Animation Studios for the Nickelodeon International Animated Shorts Program and later picked up for a first season which was produced at Minds Eye Creative, Moosebox is a quirky upbeat series of episodes about the endless adventures of dynamic duo Moose and Catbox.



Directors: Mike Scott

Animation production: Mindseye Creative

The Diver

Created by the all women studio, We Are Batch, The Diver is about an insecure young woman who is self-conscious about her passion for diving. What she does and what she loves are two separate things. What she does comes at the cost of what she loves. She loves diving. This love demands an uncomfortable amount of self belief, perseverance and emotional investment. Insecure as she is, she does what she loves in isolation. In this way, the diver represents the things we truly love, but rarely get to, because we are so consumed by what we do.



Director: Daniéla de Lange

Art Direction & Illustration: Fran Labuschagne

Sound Design: Mt. Wave Music

Dodgy Links

Created by Feral Child studio, Dodgy Links a about a gullible and not so internet savvy office employee who falls for the very common spam pop-up of "you are the lucky 999 999th visitor on this website!". The consequence of this, however, is quite different for this unlucky circular thing.



Director & Animator: Rogan van den Berg

2D Animation: Nella Addy

Sound Design: Rogan van den Berg

My Mum’s Bonkers

An adaptation of the poem 'My mamma is bossies' written by Jeanne Goosen, created with sand and silhouettes by the duo known as Dryfsand. This is a melancholic poetry film about the loss of a mother and a flawed relationship between daughter and child, recited by the well-known South-African actress Elize Cawood, to the ‘Aria O Mia Babbino Caro’ by Puccini.



Creators: Naomi van Niekerk and Arnaud van Vliet

Last Train Home

Created and directed by the artist Gerhard Human in his iconic cult graphic novel style, Last Train Home is a story of youth, revolt and demise, following the lyrics from the titular song made by British composer, Benjamin Stefanski, best known by his recording alias Raffertie.



Director & Animator: Gerhard Human

Music: Raffertie

Black and White

Abstract and vividly graphic, this music video was created for Jack Parow and Gangs of Ballet’s song ‘Black and White’ by the studio Feral Child, who expertly translated the intensity of the lyrics while weaving the EP’s thematic colours all through the frames.



Directed & Designed by: Nella Addy

Produced By: Rogan van den Berg

Animators: Nella Addy, Gareth Fourie, Skye Davis, Rogan van den Berg

Music: Gangs of Ballet & Jack Parow

Ruby and Roach

Directed by Erentia Bedeker, this paper cutout short film is about two sale toys, cruelly rejected by the buying public because they are different, plan a daring escape and end up somewhere unexpected.



Director: Erentia Bedeker

Producer: Dorette Nel


Taking place within a storybook and adopting a 3D paper aesthetic, this dark short film created by Alexander Gilfillan ,is based on the famous fairy tale of Bluebeard by Charles Perrault.



Creator: Alexander Gilfillan

Music: Callum Kuhl

Mite-y Beard

Produced as a graduation film by students from The Animation School, Mite-y Beard is a wholesome poetic short about love and beard hygiene, animated to a sweet medieval ballad.


Artists: Sarah-Leigh Burger, Clare Savage, Dominic Seeber, Megan Lentin, Marli Fraser, Stephanie Coles, Darian Stassen

Sound: Beata Green, Ansa-let van der Merwer, Bottomless Coffee, Juliet Quartet, Aret Lambrechts, Pierre-Arnold Theron

Music: Antoni Schonken, Bottomless Coffee

Original Lyrics by Sarah-Leigh Burger

Belly Flop

Directed by Jeremy Collins and Kelly Dillon from Triggerfish Studio, Belly Flop is the heart-warming story of Penny, a fearless young girl learning to dive, unperturbed by a talented diver who keeps stealing the spotlight.



Directors: Jeremy Collins and Kelly Dillon

Producers: Triggerfish Studios


An experimental animated short film that uses a hybrid production technique. The result is a paper animation that incorporates 3D animation, laser engraving, cutting and stop motion. The film explores the relationship between stillness and movement in animation using Chronophotography both for inspiration and understanding.



Created by Bronwyn Horne

Three Teaspoons of Sugar

In a household where mealtimes are a delightful feast full of bonding, fellowship & good eating, 3 members of this tight knit family are diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus. This film chronicles their individual experiences living with Diabetes - the highs, lows, defeats, victories and lessons. Inspired by real events and real people.



Director: Kabelo Maaka and Dr Tshepo P. Maaka

Created by Cabblow Studios

Um Presente Special

Lili, Stretch and ZéGordo, AKA, the Troublemakers, decide to surprise their friend Rosita by decorating her school for the neighborhood's annual Christmas dinner, however, they don't expect to deal with Stinky who is a jealous kid willing to spoil the decorations and the event altogether.



Director: Nildo Essá

A Little Bird told me about the ABC

Fopspeen Moving Pictures collaborated with Internationally published and awarded illustrator Piet Grobler on “Little Bird's ABC”.  Based on the book "Little bird’s ABC" (Het vogeltjes ABC) by Piet Grobler.

Illustrator and author
Piet Grobler

Diek Grobler

Diek Grobler
Charles Badenhorst

Jansen Lourens
Diek Grobler
Charles Badenhorst

Music by
Marinda du toit

Sound Design
Charles Badenhorst

The Short Films of Bridges

2 October 21 | 12h15 - 13h00 | Table Mountain Presentation Room

Discover a selection of the most recent animation short films made by Africans in the framework of collaborative programmes with France - including premieres of “Red Ants” by Mogau Kekana, as well as the 2021 edition of Gobelins International Master’s productions. 


Red Ants;  directed by Mogau Kekana

Bound;  directed by Lesego Vorster, Pierre-Yves Vauzelle, Diego Torrez, Venkatram Viswanathan, Kirill Blumenkrants

Rest in Peace;  directed by Aparna Hegde, Deborah Balboa, Kai-Hsun Chan (Eden), Karien Benz, Yuk Yan Tsoi (Sally)

Dogs; directed by Benjamin  Berrebi, Jakub Bednarz, Diego Cristófano, Théo Lenoble, Mohammad Babakoohi, Karlo Pavicic-Ravlic, Marthinus Van Rooyen

The Soloists; directed by Mehrnaz Abdollahinia, Feben Elias Woldehawariat, Razahk Issaka, Celeste Jamneck, Yi Liu

Best of Cardiff Animation Festival

3 October 21 | 12h15 - 13h00 | Table Mountain Presentation Room




Fire and Water

Robert Brown


That Makes Two of Us

Tim Hawkins



Alice Parkes


Children Talking

Oliver Wilson


The Replicant

Jane Hubbard



Daniel Gray

UK, Hungary, USA

Creepy Pasta Salad

Lauren Orme



Tom Lucas



Rhiannon Evans