• 24-27 April 2021
  • Cape Town Stadium

2020 Cape Town International Animation Festival Theme

Art Director/s

Lesego Vorster

Cape Town International Animation Festival 2020 Creative Director & Onwe of Hidden Hand Studios

I relate with villains a bit too much for own liking. In my defence, the villain is usually right.( he isnt a bad guy really ...:-) 

CTIAF Opening Team

CTIAF Opening Team

The team working on the opening is made up mostly of young artists who are as passionate about 2D animation and African Aesthetics / Representation in animation as I am. I have worked with some of them, trained some of them through the animation programme that I run at Tshimologong Digital Precinct and others have gravitated towards the project through word of mouth.

I am honoured to have so many place their trust in me.

Team Breakdown:

  1. Lesego Vorster - Director / Storyboard / Visual Development / Animation / Enviro Layout / Posing Layout
  2. Bokang Koatja - Tshimologong Trainer - 3D Assets / Animation
  3. Jeani Varty- Tshimologong Trainer - Layout / Animation
  4. Ross Lelliott (THHS)- Animation
  5. Dipopaai - Animation
  6. Molefe Dithung -Tshimologong Intern - Layout / Environment Design
  7. Deon Lodewick -Tshimologong Intern - Layout / Environment Design
  8. Anathi Hadebe -Tshimologong Intern -  Visual Development
  9. Mogau Kekana - Visual Development
  10. Pete O’Donoghue- Sound / Music Design
  11. Thinus van Rooyen - Animation/Layout
  12. Lola Aikins - Tshimologong Intern – Animation Clean-Up

About the 2020 Theme

Idea Behind the Theme

Magic-Realism is my favourite genre. I really love how the authors disrupt a natural setting with something too fantastic to believe. And as such, I try to portray this through my own films.

The idea of the short-film is a young family from Johannesburg moving to Cape Town. The 8 year old son is obviously averse to the relocation, leaving his friends and life behind is not something he was prepared to do.

The story is centred around how his character changes during the family’s arrival to Cape Town. The magical appearance of the family of flying whales, the lively streets and friendly people show him a side to this new life that he did not expect. He can now see the boundless possibilities of this beautiful city called Cape Town.


The opening has presented me with an opportunity to train others in what I hope to be the benchmark of what the CTIAF opening should be for this year and the following years to come. The team is extremely lively and excited to be part of something with so much potential. 


The challenges faced so far are portraying an Africa from our own eyes. An Africa with an originally Authentic African Aesthetic. So the art direction is a challenge, but Visual Development can never be easy. My team trusts the process and I trust that we will emerge victorious at the other end.