Cape Town International Animation Festival Tickets 1 -3 October 2021

Type Description Cost
Professional Pass:
This ticket is ideal for an animation professional who wants it all! Buy this ticket if you want to attend all the talks and workshops, see the films on offer and set up meetings to pitch your project with other guests. Plus you get to do this in person and on our virtual platform. Consider this ticket your backstage pass to the whole festival!
Virtual Pass:
So you still want everything - but travel is not an option. And in person doesn’t thrill you either. This ticket gives you access to a wide range of talks and all the networking and meetings that you want! And all from the safety of your lounge! What’s not to love!
General Pass:
Look you’re here to see people, hang out, watch the lectures and films and maybe catch a beer at the market. But you’re not here to network, pitch projects or take meetings. You’re here to chill and learn.
Student Pass:
Similar to the General Pass, you’re here to chill and learn. Plus any extra savings are a bonus - so now you you can afford the fancy ramen this month!


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