Lucy Heavens

Series creator, writer & executive producer

Lucy is a series creator and scriptwriter, with a background in writing, directing, and performance, and is an award-winning playwright - based in Cape Town, SA. 


Lucy is the series co-creator (along with her partner, Nic Smal) and executive producer of Disney’s Kiff, a comedy series currently in production with Titmouse for Disney Channel. She and Smal also have a prime-time comedy in development for Disney+. Lucy has worked as a script and development writer for various broadcasters and production companies including Disney, Nickelodeon, DreamWorks, Hulu and the BBC. 


In 2016, Lucy’s project ‘Wormholes‘ was selected for Storylab, an Africa-wide development incubator led by Disney and South African animation studio Triggerfish. She co-wrote and performed the play, ‘Eurafrica‘, which ran in Cape Town and the Edinburgh Festival, winning the Fleur du Cap People’s Choice Award in 2008.