Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS)


The Cape Town International Animation Festival & The Triggerfish Foundation have collaborated on various projects for the past 2 years. This increased collaboration led to ITFS dedicating its country focus to South Africa. 

Supported by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, a delegation of 18 dynamic, innovative creatives with diverse skill sets and backgrounds was invited to actively participate in the festival. 

The ITFS Programme has been enriched by authentic African stories, aesthetics and fresh, diverse voices from South Africa. 

Meanwhile, ITFS offers the South African creatives a unique platform to showcase their talent, develop their skills, network and pitch their projects to an international market.  This mutual contribution is seen as the starting point to a growing vibrant exchange between both countries.

Please meet a few of the people from our delegation! Best of luck team SA - we’re rooting for you!


Busisiwe Vilikazi 

Busisiwe Vilakazi is a Co-Founder and the Finance and Operations Director of Buthano Pictures, a development animation studio based in Johannesburg. She holds qualifications in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). With an extensive background in finance, she is part of the team currently producing an animated pre-school series which is part of a development slate of animated TV Series and Feature Films.

Nic Buchanan

Nic will be representing Pixcomm, a 2D studio, producers of Jabu’s Jungle and Zizi & Hannibal. Pixcomm has been chosen to pitch their feature film ‘Awakenings’ which is a coming of age story on Nelson Mandela that they are producing with the Mandela Foundation. They will also be pitching additional series for coproduction with European studios.

Kearatwa Sedidi

Kearatwa is an animation and art director from the ever growing Dipopaai Studios, Based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

With experience in the industry spanning 10 years, he's helped spearhead growth in animation in the country.

Having worked on many projects such as award winning Wonderful world of Wazi to educating in animation and visual effects at Oakfields College,

Kearatwa, always seems to be energised and committed to improving the animation backdrop of the South African film industry.


Leroy Le Roux 

Leroy is an up-and-coming Director and Animator from South Africa. He has managed a number awards including the Monstra 2020 award in Portugal to a TOP 3 Finalist nomination in the 2020 GSA BAFTA’s Awards in Los Angeles for his debut short film The Sugarcane Man 

"THABA YE" in 2022 would mark his second co-directed short film.

Thaba Ye is a graduation project from Gobelins l’ecole de l’image where Leroy completed his Masters in Animated filmmaking in June 2022 and before that completed his under-grad at The Animation School Cape Town.


Kaya Kuhn

With 10+ years of experience in production, Kaya Kuhn is a versatile producer, specializing in post-production and animation. She started her career in the South African film industry in live action post-production where she notably post-produced six seasons of reality television series ‘The Voice’.  In 2017, she took the leap into producing animation at renowned studio ‘Triggerfish’. Since then, she line produced critically acclaimed short films ‘Zog’ (BBC1) and ‘The Snail and The Whale’ (BBC1), co-produced animated feature film ‘Seal Team’ (Netflix), was involved with pre-production for animated series ‘Mama K’s Team 4’ (Netflix) and ‘Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes’ (Disney+), and most recently was the senior producer on the groundbreaking anthology ‘Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire’ (Disney+) which is set to release in 2023.  She was the consultant producer for animated short ‘Aau’s Song’ which forms part of anthology ‘Star Wars: Visions Volume 2’ (LucasFilms) and has recently been involved in producing live action feature films for local broadcaster, Kyknet. She is also involved with Triggerfish Academy and Foundation