Screenings Programme

About Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival

The Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival is the worlds largest film Festival dedicated to Short Films and we have them screening at the CTIAF theatre at CTIAF 2022.
Duration : 105 Minutes  

  • Little Berlin, Kate McMullen / 2020 / France / Documentaire 

  • Le Boug doug, Théo Jollet / 2020 / France / Fiction expérimentale 

  • Souvenir Souvenir, Bastien Dubois / 2020 / France / Animation 

  • Troublemaker, Olive Nwosu / 2019 / Nigeria / Fiction

  • Da Yie, Anthony Nti / 2019 / Belgique, Ghana / Fiction 
  • What Did You Dream?, Karabo Lediga / 2019 / Afrique du Sud / Fiction 


Souvenir, Souvenir

For ten years, I tried to make a film out of my grandfather's memories of the Algerian War. Today, I'm not sure I want to hear what he has to say. (Nominated to Oscars Awards)

Duration : 15 min 












What did you dream?

It's the summer holidays in 1990 South Africa and 11-year-old Boipelo is back at her grandmother's house. As the holidays come to an end, she becomes consumed by the fact that, unlike her two cousins, she can no longer remember her dreams and therefore can't help her granny play the local Chinese lotter

Duration : 19 Min 









Best of CTIAF

Project Pyramid - Mohamed Ghazala 
Shelter Binaural - Karabo Likhethe
Shaka Zulu - Amanda Zungu 
The little teaspoon of sugar - Tshepo Maaka 
Light strands - Somtochukwu Onubogu
Lego the haircut 2 - Daneel Bronner 
My mind seeps - Lauren Opia
Mea Culpa - Diek Grobler 

Duration: 56 Min