Film Submissions for FAME Week Africa 2023

Film submissions have been completed for CTIAF 2023 | FAME Week Africa screenings. We have accepted all animated content including music videos, commissioned work, tv series and TVC's. Films that are selected will go into our official film selection for 2023 and may be carried over to screenings for early 2024.

Stay Tuned for our Selections to be annouced!

Entries closed 8 August 2023

Previous Screenings

Best of Annecy 2022 : Women Director focus

Watch Closely

The Garbage Man

The Flying Sailor


Piteous Liaisons

The Queen of the Foxes

Once There Was a Sea...


1H07 min 


Best of CTIAF 2022

The Pyramid - Mohamed Ghazala
Mea Culpa - Diek Grobler
The Song Maiden - Nkem Nwaturuocha
Light Strands - Somtochukwu Onubogu
LEGO The Haircut 2- Daneel Brönner
Shelter- Robin Myles
The Little Teaspoon of Sugar - Kabelo Maaka
My Mind Seeps- Lauren Opia

47 min 20 

Home Town Heroes 

The Smeds and The Smoos - Samantha Cutler and Daniel Snaddon
Indlela Yokuphila - The Soul's Journey Dylan McGarry and Marc Moynihan
Troll Girl - Kay Carmichael
Thaba Ye - Leroy Le Roux, Merel Hamers, Mogau Kekana, Hannah Judd, Preetam Dar, Daria Batueva
NALEDI -  Lola Aikins

50 min 33


ITFS Trickstar Nature Awards 

Stars-On-The Sea
Mondo Domino
Meal on the Plate
The Sky above the city

1h 28 min 

The Animation School 

The Present - Arowan Parker
Morsel - Kiah Dinnie
Counting Sheep -  Isabella Helen Bosmos
Undone - Saira George & Sara Laubscher 
Sugarcane - Man Leroy Le Roux & Tina Obo
Mr & Mrs Mantis - Maya Kahanovitz
Don't Drop the Goose -  Jurie Visagie
R.I.P - Anel Truter
The Invisible - Winand Mey
Sorry For Your Loss - Kirsten Lewis & Kate Munro
Decaf - Christopher Masuabi

56 min 02  


Best of Cardiff 2022 : Welsh Works 

Allowed - Zillah Bowles


Kami Kuin - Jamie Ellis


Druids - Shwan Nostrapour


Bear Hunt - Molly Allen 


Prosperina boot - Zach F Evans


Pawesome but weird ! - Nayomi Hewa


39 min 35