MY JOURNEY: Alfie Olivier

Check out this months Q&A with Alfie Olivier

This month, we chatted to Alfie Olivier, an animation director & supervisor 🇦🇺) Read more to check out our Q&A with @alfie_olivier & check out his work on our recent reel !

Where did it all start ?

It all started at The House Next Door in Blairgowrie South Africa around 26 years ago

Was there ever a crossroads in your path as an animator, a change of career decision etc ?

Never. I always knew I wanted to work in Film. Animation to me was the ability to breathe life into characters, inanimate objects too, and have the audience believe that what they were watching was believable, true to life, or in the case of fully animated features, a journey that they could immerse themselves in. I DID however juggle between different aspects of the film making process. Previz, Lighting. I believe it gave me a better understanding of the creative process and a bigger sense of respect for the artists and their hurdles within those departments. I could then also better inform client,

What was your biggest challenge/s?

Having to deal with a maniacal animation director who truly believed the film was his and not the directors. A master class on the "do not's" in film making. I remember doing 54 versions of a shot for this anim director only to present version 6 behind his back to the director and have it approved immediately.

What current or future technology excites you?

Unreal Engine blows my mind

Where and what would your ultimate destination be in terms of your work career ?

I think being an animation Director is where I want to be. To say I want to direct is not off the cards, but for the foreseeable future I am exactly where I am supposed to be