MY JOURNEY: Darrin Hofmeyr

Check out this months Q&A with Darrin Hofmeyr

We feature our South African artists journeys, someone who's work has taken them beyond our borders 🌍 This month, we chatted to Darrin Hofmeyr ( @darrinthehof ) - The CG supervisor at Framestore Pre - production Services! Read more to check out our Q&A with Darrin

Where did it all start ? 

Digital Arts, a small company in Randburg, creating original television content using Tic Tac Toon, the precursor to Toon Boom studio. After a year and a bit I then entered the wonderful world of commercial advertising, joining the visual effects team at The Refinery in Bryanston.

Was there ever a crossroads in your path as an animator, a change of career decision etc ? 

Besides the delusions of grandeur of becoming a full-time professional triathlete I have never thought of any other career. I started in the industry with a greater passion for 2D animation and feature animation but after more than a decade at BlackGinger my interest leaned firmly towards visual effects in feature and episodic work.

What was your biggest challenge/s 

Motivation. Sometimes when a client has asked for yet another change to an already perfectly acceptable shot, animation or comp, it can demotivate even the happiest people in the world. 

What current or future technology excites you? *

Not one in particular but the combined technology that is pioneering and shaping the metaverse. It's a bit of a buzzword at the moment and possibly overused / over-hyped but still an interesting development for content creators.

Where and what would your ultimate destination be in terms of your work career ? 

I have yet to find it... or I'm living in a dream world. It would be in a country with a temperate climate, excellent infrastructure, a strong currency and affordable housing. At a company that affords a good balance of family life, work and outdoor living.

My username on Instagram is  -  darrinthehof
On twitter it's @darrinhofmeyr