"We’re focusing on Motion Capture. It’s used in Military, Entertainment, Gaming & Films like Rise of the Planet of the apes, The Avengers and more. During the filming Of Avatar, scenes involving this process were directed in realtime using Autodesk MotionBuilder software to render a screen image which allowed the director and the actor to see what they would look like in the movie, making it easier to direct the movie as it would be seen by the viewer.

This method allowed views and angles not possible from a pre-rendered animation.

A Mocap system locally represented here is Synertial, they have been making inertial motion capture systems for over 27 years, supplying industry, academic and game production studios across the globe with Suit and Glove mo-cap systems.

A G5 Demo system is available for appraisal in South Africa for a limited period through Touchvision"